Friday October 24 2014


Welcome to Telford Unison

Thank you for coming to our new website and joining our campaign to defend jobs and services in Telford.

We have been  focusing on the May Local Elections which have seen the return of  A Labour Council.

Message to our supporters and members


In case you had not noticed the Labour Group swept to power in Telford last night by a huge margin.

Telford UNISON was at the very heart of a rejuvenated Labour Group and we have received the wholesale thanks of the new Labour administration.

The mood of the staff as the came to work and comments on our facebook site were overwhelmingly positive.

We not underestimate the challenges ahead but for today we our all enjoying our success. Watch this space……

Our message to members and staff this morning was –

Many of you will have woken up this morning to hear the news of the Election yesterday.

Labour have won a stunning victory and swept away the Conservative Group in Telford & Wrekin.

You will be aware that as a Union we have been campaigning extremely hard over the last 6 months to protect jobs and the public services that we are all proud to provide. We think the campaign has been the most successful that this branch has ever launched. Not just because of the change in administration but through the new members we have recruited, the tremendous turn out at the national TUC march and the rally in Shrewsbury, the increase in work place stewards , a strong Executive Committee and a whole host of members who have contributed in many different ways to promoting the values of Unison through our social media campaign and in volunteering to help colleagues who have faced redundancy, reorganisation and stress.

We do not have any illusions that the new administration will be able to magic away the financial crisis that the organisation faces but we will expect the Labour Group to share many of our values and in particular recognise the great jobs our members and staff do to protect the most vulnerable in our community and show respect and concern for the issues our members face.

I have been in communication this morning with Cllr Austin to congratulate the Labour Group on their election victory and with have agreed to meet as soon as possible to discuss how we can work with the new group to protect your jobs and the services you provide.

Finally I would like to thank all our members who have contributed to our campaign and for you remaining loyal and committed to Unison and to those who have yet to join please consider joining UNISON in Telford and strengthening our bargaining position in the coming months.

I will keep you posted on developments and finally for all of you sat at computers today an appropriate desktop background colour is red!

We need to celebrate our successes and share them across the movement




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